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Monsterhunt hints and tips.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:21 am
PostPost subject:No icon Monsterhunt hints and tips.
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I’m writing this guide as I seem to see a lot of new players on the server, even after all of these years. The forums may not be overly active any more, but maybe one or two people will find this guide helpful. I wrote one on the old forums, but that seems to have been lost in the transition.

For those who don’t know who I am, I have been playing with this community since almost the very beginning, with a few breaks here and there. I was once staff for a while and I am (Sometimes) a mapper, with several maps on the server. There is no game I have played more than UT99, which I have been playing since 1999, and have poured somewhere around 10,000 hours into it, most of which have been in Monsterhunt. These days you will find me on the main server, playing in a non-serious way, getting myself killed. You will see me with the name Mr.RedBox. Anyway, on with the guide.

Maps to avoid.
If you want to become a “good” player, you will want to avoid maps such as the following:

- MH-BoomBoomBridge+fix1
- MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix2
- MH-GodzReturn++
- MH-Impossible-dU
- MH-Hebereke_Gaiden_Ver3+ (Mostly the ending)
- Most HTD maps
- Most maps with single monsters with lots of health

The reason being is that these maps will teach you bad habits. They mostly involve very, very simple gameplay that requires you to stand still, firing your weapon until the monster dies. You won’t become a “good” player by standing still with a Ripper, bouncing the blades around the corner with no chance of dying. Still, saying that, if you enjoy that type of gameplay, go ahead and play those maps – you may even learn a thing or two about how the different monsters behave.

Weapons and their uses in Monsterhunt.
- Enforcer.
Considering you’re given a Sniper Rifle when you spawn, there is little use for the Enforcer. Use the Sniper Rifle instead of this, unless you fancy an extra challenge.

- Bio Rifle.
The Bio Rifle becomes a lot more effective once you learn the maps. When you learn where the monsters are going to be, you can be prepared by having a fully charged secondary Bio Rifle shot ready – this will do massive damage to most monsters. Be careful, though, as the splash damage is huge and you can easily kill yourself with it. The primary fire is very good for clearing out large groups of Pupae, Flies, and Manta etc. Slith, by default, are immune to the Bio Rifle and you won’t damage them with it.

- Shock Rifle.
The Shock Rifle is one of the most useless weapons in MH. The only reason to really use it is for the shock combo, which can be used on groups of Pupae, Flies and Manta. Other than that, stick with the normal Sniper Rifle, as it will deal more damage.

- Pulse Rifle.
The Pulse Rifle has fairly good damage with both primary and secondary fire modes. If you’re not very accurate with headshots, it is a viable alternative. Try using it on slower enemies such as Titans, Queens, Slith, and Brutes etc. Quicker enemies will dodge out of the way.

- Ripper.
Ah, the Ripper. This weapon, when used right, is the most powerful default weapon in the game. If you’re hitting the enemies with headshots, no other default weapon can out-damage it. However, the Ripper takes a lot of the challenge out of the maps it is used in, as you can hide around the corner and attack monsters without them attacking back. You will always see the experienced players using this against boss monsters especially. I dislike how easy it makes the game, so I tend not to use it much. Headshots with the primary fire mode do extra damage.

- Minigun.
The Minigun is a powerful weapon, which can be a good choice for players who aren’t confident with their Sniper abilities or if they have higher ping. It will deal good damage to all enemy types, and it has a low skill ceiling, meaning that even the most inexperienced of players can make good use of it.

- Flak Cannon.
The Flak Cannon is a very powerful shotgun-type weapon. The primary fire deals huge damage at close ranges, and the secondary fire is good against groups of weaker monsters. Use the primary fire on larger and/or slower enemies, as faster ones will dodge out of the way.

- Rocket Launcher.
The Rocket Launcher may be a great weapon in PvP, but it has very limited uses in Monsterhunt. Several monsters resist explosive damage, by default, meaning the Rocket Launcher won’t be dealing as much damage as it should. Examples of monsters that resist it are Brutes and Titans. However, the Rocket Launcher is very good at killing Pupae, Flies, Manta and any monsters that are tightly packed. You can also fully load the RL before running around a corner, and unleash all 6 rockets into a monster that’s waiting around the corner. Don’t forget, you can fire all 6 rockets at a single point by holding down left-click, followed by right-click – this will stop the rockets spreading out in a line.

- Sniper Rifle.
You spawn with this weapon every time. Headshots deal extra damage (I will talk more about headshotting monsters later). This is probably the most commonly used weapon in dU MH, and with good reason. The weapon is very, very strong and deals high damage to all monsters, but more so if you can get headshots. Use it against anything and everything.

Don’t waste Redeemers!
Redeemers are given out every few minutes to a random player. Other than that, you may stumble across one while playing. Now that you have your big, shiny Redeemer, you may be tempted to save it for a boss to deal huge damage. But that is actually not the best use for Redeemers. The unfortunate thing about Monsterhunt is that most bosses are actually not very threatening at all, due to them only aiming at one player at a time. So instead of wasting your Redeemer on a single boss, it is often much better to use the Deemer on a large group of “normal” monsters, as they are more dangerous than bosses. Furthermore, the dU mutator caps damage to a maximum of 1,000 per shot, so your Deemer would only do 1,000 damage to bosses, excluding any damage from the aftershock that sometimes pushes smaller bosses. If you instead fire a Deemer into a large group of normal monsters, you can get several thousand points easily.

When going for headshots, you may be tempted to aim for the face of the monster, as shown on the monster model. This is not always the headshot area. The headshot area for the monsters on dU is always the top ~5% of the monster model, and you can tell if you’re scoring a headshot with your Ripper or Sniper Rifle by checking your point increase per shot. Headshots will get you a little over 200 points with each shot. So, if you see a Squid in the water, don’t aim for the head of the monster. Aim as high on the monster model as you can, while still getting points; if you can see blood splats, you’re hitting it, even if you’re aiming above the actual monster. The dinosaur monsters are good examples of monsters that have headshot areas that are higher than the actual monster.

If you’re in a crowded area with a lot of players behind you, crouch. If you stay standing, you will be blocking the projectiles of the people behind you, causing a lot of frustration. Be aware of other players.

Crouching and walking to avoid falling.
If you want to approach the edge of a platform, cliff or whatever else, but you’re worried about falling, hold down the crouch or walk buttons. As long as you’re holding one of those buttons, you cannot walk off the edge of things. This may be common knowledge by now, but there are still many players out there who do not seem to know this.

Stop charging Skaarj/Krall/Warlords etc.
Ever had a Skaarj charge you down, killing you before you can kill it or escape? Well, there is a neat little trick that can and will save your life if used. It has saved mine many, many times. If you use the primary fire mode on the Pulse Rifle in the direction of the monster that is charging you down (Works best on Skaarj, Krall or Warlords), there is a good chance that they will dodge around and/or back away from you. You can also achieve this with the Minigun. Some monsters aggressiveness stat may be too high for this to work on, but you will learn which it works on with practice.

Try to clear the maps fully.
The whole team gets a point bonus if every monster in the map is killed before the end. This is not possible on all maps. Once you learn which maps can be fully cleared, it is often best to try and attempt to do so, and the regular players will appreciate the help.

The dU servers have the 4 normal relics; Strength, Speed, Defense and Regeneration.

- The speed relic is fairly useful on a lot of maps, as it helps you keep up with the front lines, and it can help you catch up with the regular players who know where they’re going. Just be careful about running too far ahead if you’re not confident with your abilities, as you may end up alone with a load of monsters.
- The defense relic is perhaps the best relic for new players. Even the experienced players use it a lot. The defense relic will vastly reduce the amount of damage you take from monster attacks, lava and even from drowning. Grab it if you can! You cannot use shield belts if you have the defense relic.
- The strength relic makes you do a little more damage per shot. However, when the random damage amp is applied to all players, the strength relic stops working. Simply toss it and pick it back up, and it will be working again. You cannot pick up placed damage amps when you have the strength relic.
- The regeneration relic is the weakest of the 4. The regeneration only works up to 150 health. However, this relic can be useful in maps with lots of underwater sections, as your health doesn’t usually regenerate when you’re underwater, but with this relic, you can at least regenerate back up to 150 health.

Save jump boot uses.
If you find some of the normal UT jump boots (Not the Unreal ones), you can save the jump charges by holding down the walk button when you jump. You won’t jump quite as high as you normally would, but it doesn’t use up a jump boot charge, allowing you to save it for later.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help/get involved.
There may be a lot of selfish players on the server who only care about themselves and their own points (Please don’t become one of them), but if you ask for help, there will often be someone around who is willing to help you out, or at least be lost with you. If you need more specific help, feel free to post a topic on the forums, and someone will inevitably help you sooner or later.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to talk on the server. If you say hi, someone will usually say hi back or will respond with a taunt to acknowledge what you said. Getting involved with the community can make it a lot more of an enjoyable experience.

This is all I can think of right now, but I will update the guide as I think of more tips. If any other players have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. I could even make guide videos of certain maps, if anyone needed them, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

I hope this helps!

Ninja_Pirate / Mr.RedBox.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:30 am
PostPost subject:No icon Re: Monsterhunt hints and tips.
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I did not know about that AntiGrav Boots trick. Thanks -- I'll have to try it if I ever get the chance.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:37 am
PostPost subject:No icon Re: Monsterhunt hints and tips.
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Although you forgot a map to add on the dont play list : GGW. Rest I agree mostly.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:53 am
PostPost subject:No icon Re: Monsterhunt hints and tips.
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Thank you for the tips!
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:48 am
PostPost subject:No icon Re: Monsterhunt hints and tips.
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Mostly agree with you, but I gotta protest on MH-BoomBoomBridge. I may not have the same version as you, but you can't just hold still and shoot there cuz most of the monsters' attacks are way too powerful to hold still and shoot it to death.

That said, good post.

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