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AD2, MH-PartyCrashers and MH-Mesopheric
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 12:18 pm
PostPost subject:No icon Re: AD2, MH-PartyCrashers and MH-Mesopheric
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Here we go.

? Mesospheric ?

Original and pretty good all around. Players should love it. Cool

Biggest issue is that the map is easily rushed, just jumping over the barrier next to the queen.
I was going to suggest making the grass bridge appear later, but it's probably not too hard to get pushed to the other island from a monster rocket and ignore the bridge completely.
In short you need more distance between the 2 islands.
Then I suggest you replace the bridge and barrier with 1 or more little floating islands that move in when it's time to go. :3

Quick tour of the other remarks:

- is the white square corona in start room intentional? (it even crashes my UEd in software mode)
- "surprise =)" button just bumps on my face
- lots of texture align needed on curved stairs and columns. I volunteer if you can't be bothered
- dunno if intentional but I love the
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for dodging, more would be nice!
- is tentacles' projectile intended to be useless?
- relics could use some effect when players reach them (activation, disappareance, whatever but something Razz)
- not sure why it happens but pretty nice that the players are credited for the kills when monsters fall off the map
- need zone light in waterzones (and stone texture instead of grass at bottom)
- "Shiny item discovered!" messages don't stay on screen
- the trigger that unlocks the last island is easy to miss, should have same collisions as the jumppad
- nothing in the "mega secret" near the big krall (coming soon? :Zwinker:)
- the jumppad in the cave needs some texture or effect to make it visible
- on titans' island, the underground passage that never opens is confusing for players (coming soon too I hope Razz)
- would be nice to have a secret/reward when you manage to land from a jumppad on the giant crystal or the stone circle above it
- spawned flies can be hard to find for map clear (and flies are not very rewarding to hunt anyway, they should spawn faster and/or have more health)
- like AD2, skybox has some missing stuff online
- monsters were okay I guess, maybe a little easy for bigger teams
- I'd love the map to be longer with more islands but that surely means framedrop, and I didn't have any at this point, which is very good for an open map.

3 more general remarks:

- I think your buildings would look A LOT better with other textures (SkyCity, or maybe ChicoRuinsPack), and a liiiittle more detailing on the architecture, though I'm painfully aware it's easier said than done.
I like the wizard hat shaped roofs though Razz
- As alternative songs to Mech8 & Aryx, I would recommend blue_aura_b (MH-SkyCorebeta, MH-UM-BlueTown), ds_can_u_b, and/or, ds_ga (both in MH-AndromedaAncient).
- After playing the map I don't find much point in the introduction area (UTTech1). You could have started directly on the island and put the logos there, though I guess you miss the cool stargate jump effect.

? PartyCrashers ?

This one is more conventional, and reminds me a bit of Purgatorium.
Was it a contest rule to fit the map in a 4096 cube? This dense layout is visually nice but creates gameplay problems with monsters waking up way too early, especially Titans (shakeshakeshakeSHAKEshakeshake), though they could be made to spawn later, and of course: rushing.

Like I remembered, this one too can be rushed, if you jump from the tower to the lower left wall.
I suggest you disable the MonsterEnd until the grates around it are down. If someone gets there earlier you can give him some prize and teleport him back at start (on the other pentagram!), or kill him, or anything in between.

Other remarks:

- cool action at the beginning with constant pressure from respawning monsters, similar to MH-Pol1-Frigid (pity it eventually stops though, but if not the map would be very hard to solo, so I guess the current setting is fine)
- queen comes at players before they even get to the tower, that seems early
- the game/server gets all weird, laggy and drunk with 250 pupaes spawning at the same time. 100 would be okay I guess
- the "secret opened" message is confusing (makes you look for something that didn't happen), it should say "secret found", also:
> the one at start is useless on dU (no invis, dunno what you could replace it with)
> the one in tower is not needed, you already had that message before teleporting
> the one at belt feels a bit cheap
ironically, the only time you really want to hear it is when you unlock the redeemer & esr, and it's not triggered there lol (and doubly ironic since it's where the special event is located)
- also no esr on dU (replaced with rocket launcher), but a deemer is cool already Razz
- how about adding unpassable windows/grates between the redeemer/esr and teleporter corridor for coolness? Cool
- is it intentional that the 2 pentagram movers are solid instead of non-solid? (colliding them feels weird since they're just decoration, also when colliding them you hear spikegates sound in the distance O_o dunno why)
- no boss music?
- boss sprite is not visible online, same for campfire smoke (both fixable)
- no laugh sounds from boss online (not sure how to fix that one)
- it's possible to touch the button that unlocks the end without touching the actual trigger (button itself does nothing). You should either have the trigger activate the button, or remove the trigger and set the event on the button. Personally I would choose the latter, for all 3 buttons of your map.
- a player pushed by a monster rocket at the minigun location can reach the final area and call the boss at the beginning of the map. Fixable by using the "finalgate" event to activate the "endoftimes" and "SECRETEND" triggers.
- overall, maybe a punchier music would match better with the intense action

2 more general remarks:

- even though players will get used to it, I think the super secret (redeemer+esr) needs some kind of clue to make it expectable.
I briefly considered the "secret opened" error on other secrets a good occasion to turn these secrets into a counter for the super secret, but then by the time it's complete you don't need the deemer anymore. Sad
Same thing for collecting pumpkins around the map.
I think the current moment the deemer is unlocked is perfect (boom pupaes & skaarjs), it just needs that clue, and I  don't really have an idea at the moment. :\
- I made a custom monster class to use as boss sprite, to have it visible on radar, display health, and be potentially killable. Already tested online, it's working fine. Let me know if you're interested. :Zwinker:
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