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Added:2012-08-05 01:59:32
File Size:78.46 MB
Map Title:EXU2 - Batshit Insane: The Shitstorm
Recomment Players(0):
Mapsize (Large) :
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  Ambushpoints Defensepoints
Zones used: Skyzone
Author(s):Lord Waffnuffly
Myscha the Sleddog
Packages: System: 8- Engine.u
- EXU.u
- UnrealShare.u
- Botpack.u
- UnrealI.u
- RMusicPlayer.u
- MonsterHunt.u
- Core.u
Textures: 20- EXU2EvilizedTexes.utx
- NaliCast.utx
- Skaarj.utx
- GenEarth.utx
- Crypt2.utx
- GreatFire.utx
- GenIn.utx
- Starship.utx
- liquids.utx
- ChizraEFX.utx
- SKYBox.utx
- genfluid.utx
- shaneDAY.utx
- Blufffx.utx
- ISVFX.utx
- EXU-Textures.utx
- GenFX.utx
- EXU2BI.utx
- commandoskins.utx
- ShaneSky.utx
Music: 2
Sounds: 11- AmbAncient.uax
- DoorsAnc.uax
- Extro.uax
- EXU-Sounds.uax
- AmbOutside.uax
- AmbModern.uax
- Activates.uax
- Mier1snd.uax
- Male2Voice.uax
- Doorsmod.uax
- Announcer.uax
Mappers correctness:
Music No Recomment Players
Author No Inside Screenshot
Gametype correct gametype

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Name  Musics  Textures  Sounds  Systems  Width  Lenght  Height  Monsters  
· MH-Exu2-Shitstorm     2   20   11   8   26320   21892   12192   2147484500

No other Map used the same Map layout

- Map is avaible at one of the destinationUnreal servers.
- unmodified original map.
EXU MinifireballPackage: exu2147483647
EXU TurbopupaePackage: exu83
EXU InvisiblemicroarrowbrutePackage: exu75
EXU DemongasbagPackage: exu65
EXU TurboskaarjPackage: exu61
EXU HellfighterplasmaPackage: exu60
EXU TurbotentaclePackage: exu39
EXU TurbogasbagPackage: exu33
EXU FuckerfishPackage: exu32
EXU TurbokrallPackage: exu18
EXU DemonpupaePackage: exu17
EXU TurbofuckerbrutePackage: exu16
EXU InvisiblepulsebrutePackage: exu15
EXU BiotentaclePackage: exu13
EXU FlyingsquidPackage: exu13
EXU MinimissilebrutePackage: exu13
EXU MonsterfishPackage: exu13
EXU FirebrutePackage: exu12
EXU InvisiblefirebrutePackage: exu12
BB FlaktentaclePackage: exu11
EXU DemonkrallPackage: exu11
EXU InvisiblefiretentaclePackage: exu10
EXU MicrofuckerbrutePackage: exu9
EXU MinibitchkrallPackage: exu9
EXU MinirockettentaclePackage: exu8
EXU DemonskaarjmpPackage: exu7
EXU DemonbrutePackage: exu6
EXU ExtremeshockberserkerPackage: exu6
EXU MinifuckerbrutePackage: exu6
EXU ExtremelaserlordPackage: exu5
EXU MegaplasmaballPackage: exu5
EXU SkaarjassassinPackage: exu5
FlakbrutePackage: exu5
GrenadekrallelitePackage: exu5
EXU FuckoffkrallPackage: exu4
EXU InvisiblebiobrutePackage: exu4
EXU JerkmercPackage: exu4
EXU MegademongasbagPackage: exu4
EXU MissilemercenaryPackage: exu4
EXU PiddledopermercenaryPackage: exu4
EXU PulsebrutePackage: exu4
EXU RedskaarjPackage: exu4
EXU TurbokrallelitePackage: exu4
EXU TurboskaarjlordPackage: exu4
EXU BarrelslithmpPackage: exu3
EXU DemonmercenaryPackage: exu3
EXU GiantturbogasbagPackage: exu3
EXU GigademongasbagPackage: exu3
EXU HyperskaarjPackage: exu3
EXU HyperslithPackage: exu3
EXU InvisibleminigrenadebrutePackage: exu3
EXU LrpcmercenaryPackage: exu3
EXU MiniflakfuckerPackage: exu3
EXU PulseswatPackage: exu3
EXU RazoriceskaarjPackage: exu3
EXU RedskaarjmpPackage: exu3
EXU ShitbrutePackage: exu3
EXU SmallpulseskytentaclePackage: exu3
EXU TurbomercenaryelitePackage: exu3
EXU TurboskaarjmpPackage: exu3
ShockkrallPackage: exu3
EXU BioflarePackage: exu2
EXU BiokrallPackage: exu2
EXU DemonicsindriPackage: exu2
EXU DemonskaarjPackage: exu2
EXU DemonslithPackage: exu2
EXU FighterwarheadPackage: exu2
EXU FireskaarjmpPackage: exu2
EXU FiretentaclePackage: exu2
EXU FlakskytentaclePackage: exu2
EXU FusiontentaclePackage: exu2
EXU HypercellsPackage: exu2
EXU PulsekrallPackage: exu2
EXU ShrapnelmercenaryPackage: exu2
EXU TurbobrutePackage: exu2
EXU TurbokrallelitempPackage: exu2
EXU TurbomercenaryPackage: exu2
EXU TurbominifuckerbrutePackage: exu2
EXU AssaultbrutePackage: exu1
EXU BiobagPackage: exu1
EXU BiomercenaryPackage: exu1
EXU BioskaarjPackage: exu1
EXU BioskaarjmpPackage: exu1
EXU ClusterfuckkrallPackage: exu1
EXU DemongasbagmpPackage: exu1
EXU DemonswatPackage: exu1
EXU FatassmercPackage: exu1
EXU FuckoffmercenaryPackage: exu1
EXU GiantbiobagPackage: exu1
EXU GoobrutePackage: exu1
EXU GoobrutempPackage: exu1
EXU GrenadequeenelitePackage: exu1
EXU HyperbrutePackage: exu1
EXU HypergasbagPackage: exu1
EXU HypermercenaryPackage: exu1
EXU HyperskaarjmpPackage: exu1
EXU IcepupaePackage: exu1
EXU MedfuckerbrutePackage: exu1
EXU MidwifePackage: exu1
EXU MinibitchskaarjPackage: exu1
EXU MinikegPackage: exu1
EXU MissileskaarjPackage: exu1
EXU PsychorazortentaclePackage: exu1
EXU PsychosecbrutePackage: exu1
EXU SlimerskaarjPackage: exu1
EXU TurbobrutemPackage: exu1
EXU TurboqueenPackage: exu1
LeglesskrallPackage: unreali1
EXU ShockrocketPackage: exu20
EXU SuperlunaticPackage: exu2
EXU ShitgunPackage: exu1
EXU Exubandages7
EXU Exuthighpads5
EXU Armor4
EXU Exushieldbelt4
EXU Saintsuit1

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