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Hello Guest

Welcome to the website of destination Unreal. We are not a clan, simply a community where everyone can participate.
destination Unreal now exists since December 2007. For that time we play games that have anything to do with Unreal Tournament.
Our main focus is on fighting monsters.
We offer the community a number of UT99 (MonsterHunt, MonsterAttack, Coop) and UT3 (GaltanorsInvasion) game servers.

Some reasons to register here:
  • access to 2304 map downloads.
  • unrestricted access to the Monster Hunt Statistics.
  • live chat on the home page.
  • forum write access.
  • access to private dU servers.
  • a special server to get maps in development tested.
  • or just to participate in the community ..

Registration is free. We look forward to each new player.

Curious about it? Click here to register

destination Unreal Server overview

Today played destination Unreal Server maps
Game in progress...MH-(dU)-TheTower2010+FIX  07:56:0921,56338------01:00:04

Crazy NW III

MH-JurassicParkv1download: MH-JurassicParkv107:45:222 1,990,6901900 00:22:38

Crazy NW III

MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATIONdownload: MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATION07:23:522 166,93320 00:42:49
191466MH-HiSpeeddownload: MH-HiSpeed05:41:435 4,13713750 00:25:23

Crazy NW III

MH-Brutes][+download: MH-Brutes][+05:16:581 558,73010 00:12:44

Crazy NW III

MH-Impossible-dUdownload: MH-Impossible-dU05:03:173 661,8201420 00:24:32

Crazy NW III

MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix4download: MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix404:38:303 469,745790 00:48:41
191462MH-brutalitydownload: MH-brutality04:32:475 161,98640 00:04:15
191461MH-CloseEncounter][download: MH-CloseEncounter][04:26:555 153,58220 00:05:45
191460MH-Determination-download: MH-Determination-04:19:115 192,0992070 00:12:30
191459MH-deephallwaysdownload: MH-deephallways04:05:564 134,79500 00:01:23
191458MH-Blue-Atriumdownload: MH-Blue-Atrium04:02:323 164,79710 00:08:36

Crazy NW III

MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix2download: MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix203:51:202 858,53020 00:31:36
191456MH-MonsterTownDepotXdownload: MH-MonsterTownDepotX03:29:334 122,67420 00:21:14

Crazy NW III

MH-(OMG)-TemplesOfEgypt2012-NormalGunsdownload: MH-(OMG)-TemplesOfEgypt2012-NormalGuns03:21:123 450,597210 00:19:16
191454MH-IceSkaarj-Attack-UTJMHdownload: MH-IceSkaarj-Attack-UTJMH03:08:406 133,0906210 00:28:42

Crazy NW III

MH-CrystalMine4-Trancedownload: MH-CrystalMine4-Trance03:01:242 177,465100 00:47:36
191452MH-AnewHope_(AMLP)-MMdownload: MH-AnewHope_(AMLP)-MM02:40:416 168,65550 00:17:13
191451MH-KrallFortress110download: MH-KrallFortress11002:22:084 93,540360 00:09:32

Crazy NW III

MH-LastVoyage-Alpha1download: MH-LastVoyage-Alpha102:13:332 582,89730 00:13:11
191449MH-December24thdownload: MH-December24th02:11:086 56,803910 00:09:42
191448MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix4download: MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix401:59:5417 82,79143093 02:42:30

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyWarsV2download: MH-SkyWarsV201:15:295 368,9284260 00:22:08

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyBlueFound_2download: MH-SkyBlueFound_200:52:575 438,051130 00:13:21
191445MH-Brutes][+download: MH-Brutes][+00:46:281 122,68200 00:59:57

Crazy NW III

MH-(dU)RXStarWarsdownload: MH-(dU)RXStarWars00:39:375 191,328170 00:26:35

Crazy NW III

MH-Facedownload: MH-Face00:13:393 237,8272430 00:08:21

Crazy NW III

MH-jikyu-800en+download: MH-jikyu-800en+00:03:555 76,3564340 00:36:54
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Merry Xmas !

destination Unreal

MH-FairyValleyVFinal now on Mapping Server

THUNDERBOLT has released his new map for Testing "MH-FairyValleyBeta".
It's a very wide open map, with many new Monsters. First outlook was beautiful.

[Update 14-05-2016 12:24]:
MH-FairyValleyVFinal now avaible
Version with songs and no M16

[Update 03-05-2016 19:48]:
MH-FairyValleyBeta2 now avaible
Map Updated now with music

But be warned:
- map is extrem ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf May 03, 2016  Comments [10]

destination Unreal Video collection

You find now a dU compilation from YouTube Videos which contains dU Stuff.
Some from dU players, others are made only for fun. Its a large collection.

You can see them now all together with (I think) a good interface.
If you find some others, please post the YouTube tink at "dU Videos". There is a button for that!

Link for the dU Videos is at the left ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf April 30, 2016  Comments [3]

MH-AfterDark: 2 - As Preview on on Mapping Server

AfterDark2-NonMonsterPreview is now for interestet player on Mapping server!  Twisted Evil

 ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf April 29, 2016  Comments [28]


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