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Welcome to the website of destination Unreal. We are not a clan, simply a community where everyone can participate.
destination Unreal now exists since December 2007. For that time we play games that have anything to do with Unreal Tournament.
Our main focus is on fighting monsters.
We offer the community a number of UT99 (MonsterHunt, MonsterAttack, Coop) and UT3 (GaltanorsInvasion) game servers.

Some reasons to register here:
  • access to 2304 map downloads.
  • unrestricted access to the Monster Hunt Statistics.
  • live chat on the home page.
  • forum write access.
  • access to private dU servers.
  • a special server to get maps in development tested.
  • or just to participate in the community ..

Registration is free. We look forward to each new player.

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Game in progress...MH-Determination- download: 03:19:24146,5282------00:09:46
Game in progress...mhmMH-BT3  03:23:40200------00:05:30
117259MH-Brutes][+download: MH-Brutes][+03:16:472 194,48340 00:37:31
117258MH-SkyTownAK3download: MH-SkyTownAK302:40:145 13,68920410 01:08:15
117257MH-Winter-Fixeddownload: MH-Winter-Fixed01:06:0316 87,1861241 00:15:59
117256MH-MonsterTownDepotXdownload: MH-MonsterTownDepotX00:49:0815 101,504370 00:21:07
117255MH-Blue-Atriumdownload: MH-Blue-Atrium00:27:3713 165,171100 00:07:49
117254MH-(dU)XmasAdventuredownload: MH-(dU)XmasAdventure00:18:1012 300,989130 00:11:31
117253MH-jikyu-800en+download: MH-jikyu-800en+00:05:1715 360,34954440 00:15:34
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[New Map] CrystalMine 4 - Trance Editon



Posted on: Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:03 pm

CrystalMine 4 - Trance Editon is now playable at the main server!

Happy fragging!

Link: http://www.destinationunreal.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=936


Posted By BlackWolf, Read 57 Times, Read Full Article

MH-MayanInvasion now on Mapping Server



Posted on: Fri May 15, 2015 4:32 am

New Map on Mapping Server called MH-MayanInvasion.

Let's try and play it!

Forum Link: http://www.destinationunreal.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=9854#9854

Posted By BlackWolf, Read 58 Times, Read Full Article

MH-CrystalMine4 now on Mapping Server



Posted on: Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:29 am

It takes a long time. But now Terraniux got it!

CrystalMine 4 is now ready.

For the last bug hunt its first avaible ob the dU Mapping Server (
After a short test it will be avaible on the dU Main Server, too.

At the Mapping server are both versions avaible. The "Trace" and the "Normal" version. We will see which version will be later on the Main server.

Crystalmine4 Crystalmine4 Crystalmine4 Crystalmine4

Have fun and a big thank you for terra's great work !

Posted By BlackWolf, Read 107 Times, Read Full Article


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