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Hello Guest

Welcome to the website of destination Unreal. We are not a clan, simply a community where everyone can participate.
destination Unreal now exists for more then 5 years. For that time we play games that have anything to do with Unreal Tournament.
Our main focus is on fighting monsters.
We offer the community a number of UT99 (MonsterHunt, MonsterAttack, Coop) and UT3 (GaltanorsInvasion) game servers.

Some reasons to register here:
- access to 2303 map downloads.
- unrestricted access to the Monster Hunt Statistics.
- live chat on the home page.
- forum write access.
- access to private dU servers.
- a special server to get maps in development tested.
- or just to participate in the community ..

Registration is free. We look forward to each new player.

Curious about it? Click here to register

Today played destination Unreal Server maps
Game in progress...MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix4 download: 22:19:2611130,37233------00:54:45
Game in progress...mhmMH-TheCrystalMine4-Preview  20:46:47300------02:27:24
87228MH-IndianaJonesdownload: MH-IndianaJones22:47:532 1,6083170 00:28:54
87227MH-HotFootV4+Fix1download: MH-HotFootV4+Fix122:16:2012 307,361590 00:13:13
87226MH-RuinsofHarobed][+download: MH-RuinsofHarobed][+22:01:5815 689,448141 00:16:02
87225MH-(OMG)-TemplesOfEgypt2012-NormalGunsdownload: MH-(OMG)-TemplesOfEgypt2012-NormalGuns21:44:3613 597,723160 00:16:00
87224MH-Blue-Atriumdownload: MH-Blue-Atrium21:27:2914 373,48800 00:04:03
87223MH-GolgothaAL_kaidownload: MH-GolgothaAL_kai21:21:4711 268,24530 00:07:43
87222MH-Canyon-revamp2download: MH-Canyon-revamp221:11:379 138,034160 00:10:41
87221MH-MonstersOfSpam-v116+Fix2download: MH-MonstersOfSpam-v116+Fix220:59:5115 584,469121 00:17:03
87220MH-Haunted++download: MH-Haunted++20:41:5913 122,144190 00:30:04
87219MH-Brutes][+download: MH-Brutes][+20:12:039 538,077210 00:10:57
87218MH-Abyss-HTD+download: MH-Abyss-HTD+20:00:2311 86,4571121 00:12:28
87217MH-ShootingGuys(Obnoxious)+fix2download: MH-ShootingGuys(Obnoxious)+fix219:47:1915 237,6209700 00:58:06
87216MH-CrystalMine3download: MH-CrystalMine318:52:539 209,11550 00:19:07
87215MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix2download: MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix218:33:1010 219,516310 01:58:55
87214MH-GreatCastledownload: MH-GreatCastle17:35:262 21,9541120 00:30:57
87213MH-2MuchHPdownload: MH-2MuchHP17:05:351 018810 00:00:25
87212MH-LastVoyage-Alpha1download: MH-LastVoyage-Alpha116:41:594 197,35950 00:38:37
87211MH-Dawn_of_the_Dead+Fix2download: MH-Dawn_of_the_Dead+Fix216:05:424 147,378550 00:21:53
87210MH-BoomBoomBridge+fix1download: MH-BoomBoomBridge+fix115:44:254 316,963100 00:44:59
87209MH-SkyWarsV2download: MH-SkyWarsV215:00:377 114,32456330 00:35:02
87208MH-LandOfEternalSunsetdownload: MH-LandOfEternalSunset14:26:257 58,315210 00:26:08
87207MH-KrallFortress110download: MH-KrallFortress11012:46:236 76,633130 00:14:12
87206MH-MA1-TheLongWay-HD-v4download: MH-MA1-TheLongWay-HD-v412:31:0214 135,0701041 01:02:19
87205MH-QueenSisters-v3+Fixdownload: MH-QueenSisters-v3+Fix11:31:538 165,523390 00:28:36
87204MH-BaseRiot-Fixdownload: MH-BaseRiot-Fix11:04:173 107,26250 00:11:58
87203MH-Tarnisheddownload: MH-Tarnished10:51:044 194,57240 00:18:21
87202MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATIONdownload: MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATION10:32:009 115,559441 00:41:32
87201MH-BirdBrains-No_ESRdownload: MH-BirdBrains-No_ESR09:52:038 37,206763 00:53:24
87200MH-DinoPlanet2011[TB]FIX02download: MH-DinoPlanet2011[THUNDERBOLT]FIX0201:27:067 394,42130 00:28:01
87199MH-Gate-X_fixdownload: MH-Gate-X_fix00:59:177 34,14216230 00:24:15
87198MH-nekonekoHousedownload: MH-nekonekoHouse00:34:515 94,42620320 00:05:20
87197MH-RistvakBaen+fix2download: MH-RistvakBaen+fix200:27:408 261,883720 00:26:51
87196MH-NightMare_Canyon-HTD+download: MH-NightMare_Canyon-HTD+00:00:5110 44,2067320 00:29:32
Got Teamscore       0 Monster Left
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New Maps
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Enter MonsterHunt Statistic

dUNews :   New Server IPs and New Mutator

We have a new Gameserver Hoster after our old have extrem problems to support us.

New IPs of the dU Servers: #### destination MonsterHunt [Main] #### #### destination Coop #### #### destination Bunnytrack ### #### destination MonsterHunt [Challenge Small] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Mapping] #### #### destination MonsterAttack [TeamMH/MonsterArena/TallyHo/Invasion] ### #### destination MonsterHunt [Challenge] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Privat] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Crazy] ####
Please update your favorites.

Also on Main server BoB updates the dUMH  mutator. Changelog comes soon as forum post.

If you find bugs or anything else, please tell us with a forum post,

Posted by BlackWolf on Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:28 am
(Read More... dUNews | Score: 0)

dUNews :   New TeamSpeak3 Server and Server shortcuts

For all which have it not notice it. We have now a TeamSpeak3 server with seperate channels for all servers. Download and install the TeamSpeak3 client, dedust your headset and have fun with others!
No password is needed. The to see who is in Teamspeak atm, you see on the right side at the main page a small status block.

More simple are the new server shortcuts. If you are on a destinationUnreal server, you only have to type !TS at the chatbox and you will be automatically connected to the right channel. Don't forget to install the client first.

You can also now fast travel between the destinationUnreal server via shortcuts. Like !main / !m  for Mainserver or !C / Crazy for dU Crazy server. A overview for all shortcuts which can be used at the dU server, visit this link: http://www.destinationunreal.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=list_pages_categories&cid=1


Forum: http://www.destinationunreal.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=4578#4578

Posted by BlackWolf on Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:28 am
(Read More... dUNews | 1553 bytes more | Score: 4.5)

dUNews :   destinationUnreal has now a own Logo.

I'm proud to present the new official destination Unreal logo!
This logo is handmade by dU.SevenOfNine only for dU.

It takes weeks to find a very good one which fits for dU and ist not that complicated. I think I stressed SevenOfNine extreme, because I want a change here and a change there.

But finally we have now a own one which will be spread arround on the homepage and the servers soon.  The dU skins will have it soon,too.

All I can say is: Thanky you very much Seven!


Posted by BlackWolf on Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:17 am
(Read More... dUNews | Score: 5)

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